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This new starter pack is a jumpstart into personal and professional self-care tactics that teachers can implement inside and outside of the classroom. It is a first step in claiming happiness as your own as a best practice to support those around you. Thank you for getting started on your self care journey and for becoming part of our community. To access your Free Happy teacher Revolution Start pack click "Learn More" below to download. Welcome to the Revolution! 


Happy Teacher Revolution Introduction Course

Consider this Happy Teacher Revolution 101. The Happy Teacher Revolution Intro Course covers the background, foundation data and research behind our global movement toward teacher well-being. This course is an introduction to the self-care practices that can make a "Happy Teacher" and a pre-requisite for those seeking to initiate and launch Happy Teacher Revolution meetings in your community. If you are seeking to increase your self-worth and gain positive energy to pass on to your students, colleagues, friends and family, then this is a great step forward in these goals. 

$97.00 USD

Happy Teacher Revolutionary Certification (Intro Course Included!)

The Happy Teacher Revolution Certification profession development training provides participants with the certification to facilitate Happy Teacher Revolution meetings. With this training you will becoming an HTR "Revolutionary" through our curriculum that explores caregiver burnout, vicarious trauma, the importance of self-care in the field of education, and the necessity for teachers to feel empowered to claim happiness as their own as a "best-practice" to help students. Participants will learn to provide peers in their community the time and space to heal, deal and be real about the social-emotional and intellectual demands they face on the job by facilitating HTR meetings after completing this course. Participants will also complete the Happy Teacher Revolution Intro Course which includes the background, data, research and foundation for the global movement to support the mental health and well-being of educators. 

$597.00 USD

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