Happy Teacher Foundation

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Who are we? Happy Teacher Foundation is a charitable trust 501(c)(3) formed to help educators with the costs of well-being professional development. We provide teachers with scholarships to well-being programming with the goal of helping them learn to put their mental health first. Our purpose is to give teachers the tools to model well-being to their students and to help them show up for their students as their best selves.

The Happy Teacher Foundation is the answer to supporting individuals within the education system with the access to opportunities to engage in practices and development around personal and professional well-being. The Happy Teacher Foundation was established as a charitable trust* with the purpose to provide support for those interested in joining Happy Teacher Revolution. 

The mission of the Happy Teacher Foundation is to increase access and opportunity for those seeking to become trained and involved in launching, leading, and sustaining the Happy Teacher Revolution movement across communities around the world. We offer scholarship support via the Happy Teacher Foundation to individual educators and entire Pilot Sites to initiate, lead, and launch Happy Teacher Revolution support meetings around the globe.