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About the Book 

Preserve your mental health while meeting the demands of the education profession using proven tools and research.

Happy Teacher Revolution helps educators address burnout and jumpstart their own practices to claim joy. Using the latest developments in neuroscience and her experience as a teacher, author Danna Thomas introduces you to self-care practices that help you prioritize your wellbeing while handling the difficulties of a demanding profession. This research and evidence-based handbook amplifies the voices of a wide range of changemakers, providing data and deliberate action steps to support well-being on both an individual and systemic level in order to enact transformational change. Realize increased self-worth and learn to decrease prolonged stress by pushing back on expectations of time, money, and emotional capacity.

You will:

  • Access tools and videos that explore caregiver burnout, vicarious trauma, and the importance of self-care in the field of education
  • Understand why it’s essential to claim happiness as your own "best practice" to help students
  • Discover practical techniques for identifying your limits and authentically setting boundaries
  • Learn to support peers in your community and work together to address the social-emotional and intellectual demands of teaching

Educators, including both teachers and school leaders, will appreciate the practical and person-centered approach in Happy Teacher Revolution. With the techniques in this book, you can build a more resilient classroom, a more resilient community, and, most importantly, a happier you.

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